Welcome to DTU Dive

DTU Dive:
We are a small club that primarily dives around Copenhagen and north-eastern Zealand. We focus on the friendly atmosphere around diving and making diving accessible for everyone. The club is compromised of members with different certifications and of different experience levels and everyone with a recognized diving certificate is welcome. Our members are glad to help new members getting started diving again after a long break, getting started diving outside of vacations and give advice about further training and equipment.
The club has a small club house with compressor, tanks, a selection of wetsuits weigth belts, fins and a few masks. Furthermore, we have 2 sets of rental equipment consisting of regulators and BCD’s.
As it is primarily the wind and weather that decides where and when diving is possible, most of our dives are planned with short notice using our members only facebook page. Diving happens all year but mostly in the warmest half of the year. Most dives vary from beach dives mostly from the coast towards Øresund to simple wreck and quarry dives. Longer trips and boat dives can be arranged as well.
Members of the club gets access to our club house for equipment storage and drying, tank air fills, borrowing equipment and can use the rental equipment against a symbolic payment that help cover the maintenance. Furthermore, members gets access to our members only facebook page, where you can sign up for dives or plan them yourself and communicate with our other members.
The membership price is currently 400 DKK per year. Which run exactly as the calender year. If you join after the 1st of july only half price is paid that year. Signing up happens through email or private messages on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dtudyk/
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